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For those of you who shop online: is there anything special you do to make sure you get the best deals?
I use Ebates. Ebates is a website that you go through to order things online; Ebates offers coupons and cash back on purchases you make. I shop online a lot so this year alone, I've gotten about $100 cash back. 
Speaking of shopping online, have you heard of Dahong? Dahong is a South Korean based clothing brand that is equivalent to an H&M or ZARA
-but better-
because their clothing fits my style, perfectly. My only gripe with Dahong is that their sizing can be quite inconsistent, every time I order something from them there is always something that won't fit (too small); I end up taking a loss and needing to resell things on eBay because Dahong returns are expensive; they aren't covered and shipping back to Korea is $$$$$.

I also shop Uniqlo, online.
Unlike Dahong, Uniqlo has some stores in the U.S., so returns aren't as much of a pain.
Uniqlo is a Japanese bas…

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