Good news: I passed. I'm a PhD candidate!

What does this mean?
Another 2 + 1 years of dissertation research, 
possible grant revisions,
three publications, 
one or more conference presentations, 
and a final defense ... 
only to do 10+ job talks,
so that I can land my dream job, 
to repeat that cycle all over again, 
every day,
for the rest of my life. 

It's actually going to be more fun than I make it sound.
My topic is very important and relevant and I can't wait
to share it once I get started.

Until then, I'll share with you my other love, my style: 
similar top, bottoms and shoes are casual but chic when styled in the following way:
I. Smile
II. Tuck in your top
III. Wear proper undergarments  - 
for example, no straps are visible when showing skin



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