I am in love with this laser-cut pleated midi dress from Banana Republic.
It's also available in white and it's on sale right now (50% off)!
I found the dress over a month ago and have been patiently waiting 
to wear it to a summer wedding. 
I wore it this past weekend and received so many compliments. 
You must try it on! 

I thought the dress would be high maintenance because of the pleats
but I steamed the dress after I wore it and the pleats were just fine;
I would still be careful in the future though. 

I've got two more weddings in September and I am definitely going to wear it to both!
I don't care what anyone says about repeating dresses.
The dress could also work for date night or work,
maybe paired with a denim jacket?
I need to find an excuse to wear it out again...
when else can I wear it?

Here are some shopping links if you're looking to get some 
new sunnies (blair sunglasses) or Kelly & Katie wedge pumps.

Thanks to my very talented friend, Nkauj, for the photos.
Follow her on Instagram @gaoshua.art


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