Happy Fourth of July!

Whether you celebrate Independence Day or not, 
today, I hope that you will take some time 
to appreciate the freedoms you possess.

I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and
became a United States citizen when I was 9 years old.
I am so thankful that many years ago 
my parents and relatives were welcomed into America.

Living in the United States means that I,
a female, socioeconomically disadvantaged, first-generation college student,
can become

I'll never take my freedom for granted and, in turn, 
will never withhold the right to freedom from anyone.

Today I'm feeling patriotic so I'm rocking white and blue.
I reserve red for a different holiday.

On me:
similar slides from Forever21, 
similar tie-front cold shoulder top from Hollister Co.

I highly recommend the slides. 
Slides made a comeback this year but if you're not convinced, 
try the very affordable ones I got from Forever21.
The exact ones I have aren't available online, 
you'll have to try your luck in store.

My top is very old (~2/3 years old). 
The good thing is that off the shoulder tops also made a comeback last year/this year 
so you can find them everywhere.

Go be free!


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