For those of you who shop online:
is there anything special you do to make sure you get the best deals?

I use Ebates.
Ebates is a website that you go through to order things online;
Ebates offers coupons and cash back on purchases you make.
I shop online a lot so this year alone, I've gotten about $100 cash back. 

Speaking of shopping online, have you heard of Dahong?
Dahong is a South Korean based clothing brand
that is equivalent to an H&M or ZARA
-but better-
because their clothing fits my style, perfectly.
My only gripe with Dahong is that their sizing can be quite inconsistent,
every time I order something from them there is always something that won't fit (too small);
I end up taking a loss and needing to resell things on eBay because
Dahong returns are expensive; they aren't covered and shipping back to Korea is $$$$$.

I also shop Uniqlo, online.
Unlike Dahong, Uniqlo has some stores in the U.S., so returns aren't as much of a pain.
Uniqlo is a Japanese based clothing brand and
is similar to an H&M
-but better-
because they offer high quality basics and will even tailor your jeans for you
at no cost, though you do have to be at a physical site to get that service done.

What are some of your favorite online shops?

For this post, I'm wearing:
similar slides from F21.

Full disclosure: I don't get anything for promoting Ebates, Dahong, and Uniqlo
so you can definitely feel at ease when you check them out.
Also, you should know that Dahong clothing is typically one size fits all (a.k.a tiny Asian size),
their 'S' is equivalent to a U.S. extra small or 0
and their 'M' is a U.S. small or 2;
you've been warned.


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